Prof. Dr.-Ing. Albert Hoch
Public certified and sworn expert of the Chamber of Industry and Commerce for Middle Franconia in Nuremberg
Inspection engineer of the Federal Railway Authority (EBA) for the structural integrity of pipes and manholes

Structural design and verification of landfill constructions

Structural calculations must be conducted for drain pipes on bottom sealing, tunnels, manholes and penetration constructions. In case of landfills, the attention must be payed to unfavorable bedding conditions of the domestic waste with significant settlement and high service temperatures. Manholes sometimes have to be designed for seismic influences. In order to achieve economical and load bearing constructions on the long run, extensive theoretical, experimental and in-situ tests have been conducted. Possible influences and bedding material for manholes and drain pipes were examined. Special requirements have been set for structural integrity and permeability of the drain pipe bedding. A development of so-called Mixture 9 took place on the Soil Engineering department of the University of Munich. Dr. Albert Hoch attended the experiments theoretically and along with the LFU Munich developed them until the practical applicability.


  • Consultation concerning materials, especially plastics
  • Analytic calculations on the basis of DWA standards, e. g. DWA A 127
  • Finite element analyses for special construction elements such as junctions
  • Damage expertise and rehabilitation suggestions for landfills; Structural calculation will be conducted, quality control requirements will be checked, for example for pipes which are installed in static or dynamic burst-lining method
  • Verification of structural calculation for all construction parts of the landfill
  • Structural integrity of pipes, manholes and special construction elements - structural calculations for elements made of standard and plastic materials

Static systems and load cases for landfill manholes

Schematic sketch of the bedding model A 127

Measurement program of a shaft in a hazardous waste landfill