Prof. Dr.-Ing. Albert Hoch
Public certified and sworn expert of the Chamber of Industry and Commerce for Middle Franconia in Nuremberg
Inspection engineer of the Federal Railway Authority (EBA) for the structural integrity of pipes and manholes

Structural design and verification of jacking pipes

Jacking pipes are installed trenchless in granular soil or solid rock. The pipes can be installed in a straight or curved route with a straight or curved gradient. The pipes are interconnected rigidly or jointed which depends on pipe material. The completed pipe route serves as a pipeline or as a pipeline shield.

Basis for the structural calculation are following DWA standards:

  • Worksheet DWA-A 125, Jacking pipes and similar methods, edition December 2008
  • Worksheet DWA-A 161, Structural calculation of Jacking pipes, edition March 2014

Structural verification of construction and service state are to be conducted. Boundary condition given by the client must be appropriate in order to design the jacking pipes correctly. The permitted jacking force must be calculated individually for different materials (reinforced concrete, stoneware, steel, cast iron and plastic). Among else, it depends on soil, route, jacking method and the pressure transfer ring. The dynamic proof must be conducted in pressure area of the railway traffic loads (108 load cycles) and aircraft movement area as well as for the roar traffic loads when the installation depth is lower than 1.5 m.


  • Making of structural calculations
  • Verification of structural calculations, also for the Federal Railway Authority (EBA)
  • Preparation for issuing a license by the Federal Railway Authority (EBA)
  • Damage expertise