Prof. Dr.-Ing. Albert Hoch
Public certified and sworn expert of the Chamber of Industry and Commerce for Middle Franconia in Nuremberg
Inspection engineer of the Federal Railway Authority (EBA) for the structural integrity of pipes and manholes

Structural design and verification of pipes and manholes

The owner of Expert bureau Dr. Hoch has over 30 years of experience in pipeline construction and in appropriate standardization committees (DIN, DWA, DIBt, GSTT). This experience guarantees a safe and economical design of the construction elements. Soil-structure interaction plays significant part for buried constructions. The surrounding soil has two functions: it supports the construction and applies loads to it. The soil must be considered realistically in the structural calculation by applying appropriate soil properties. Viscoelastic behavior must be explicitly considered for plastic materials.


  • Conducting of structural calculations of buried pipes and manholes on the basis of the DWA standards (A 127, ATV A 161)
  • Verification of structural calculations of buried pipes and manholes
  • Expert opinion for courts as an expert for the Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHK)
  • Individual approvals for the Federal Railway Authority (EBA)
  • Experts report in case of damage
  • Finite Element analysis for wall-thickness optimization of the of pipes, junctions, different installation conditions when the DWA standards do not apply
  • Verification of structural calculations for new installation of pipelines for all current installation methods, material, cross-sections, installation and loading conditions