Prof. Dr.-Ing. Albert Hoch
Public certified and sworn expert of the Chamber of Industry and Commerce for Middle Franconia in Nuremberg
Inspection engineer of the Federal Railway Authority (EBA) for the structural integrity of pipes and manholes

Structural design of cooling water pipelines for power plants (offshore and onshore)

In constructing and operating the power plant pipelines, manufactured out of steel, reinforced concrete or GRP, more complex structural and constructive examinations of the design and serviceability are required. Additional load cases must be examined during the construction phase of the power plant, such as submerging during the sea outfall, pulling at jacking operation, seismic proofs, high inner pressures and pressure surges, special traffic loads (cranes). Analytical and numerical calculation methods are used for designing and verification.


  • Conduction of respectable expertise of structural calculations of cooling water lines (pipelines, manholes and molded parts) in power plant construction
  • Consultation and supervision for the rehabilitation procedure
  • Construction supervision
  • Structural verification of cooling water lines according to the ATV standard A127-2, edition 2000; the British standard and the American standard AWWA